Community Central

Guidelines for Rental and Usage of
Community Hall and Board Rooms

Room Application
All reservations for the use of the Community Hall or Village Board room shall be made through the Village Clerk/Treasure’s office. Call (608) 735-4341. Requests should be made a minimum of five (5) business days before the event. Village functions take priority.  Reservations are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Separate checks for room rental payment, when applicable, and a room deposit, when applicable, must accompany room rental application.

Maintenance of Room(s)
The rooms must be returned to their original condition after each use. If a room is not in proper order when an applicant arrives for event set-up, the Village Clerk’s office must be notified immediately:

Room(s) are in proper order when:
  • Tables  and chairs are clean
  • All  food and supplies brought in have been removed
  • Trash has been bagged, tied and removed
  • Kitchen, if it has been used, shall be returned to its original condition
  • All  tables, chairs and equipment are returned to their original location
  • Restrooms  are returned to their original condition
Cleaning supplies are the responsibility of the room user.

No decorations shall be attached to the ceiling, walls or windows in the facility by a method that results in disfigurement to those surfaces. Alternate methods may be used, but only when approved in advance.

Food & Beverages
Permission to serve food must be requested on the application form.

Anyone using the facility or being on the premise of the Community Commerce Center and grounds shall be expected to exhibit proper behavior at all times. Failure to comply with the requirement may result in forfeiture of future use of the facility. Disorderly conduct or vandalism may result in expulsion or arrest.

Room Accessibility
The Community Hall and Village Board room will be locked when not scheduled for use. Applicants are responsible for turning off lights and locking room doors and entrance doors. If the room(s) are scheduled when the Village Clerk’s office is not open, prior arrangements must be made with the Clerk to obtain a key.

Heating & Cooling
Heating and air conditioning levels are pre-set and shall not be adjusted.

Keys will be available for pickup two business days before the event. Keys must be returned to the Village Clerk’s office by 4:00 p.m. on the next business day after the event. Applicants may return the key by sealing it in an envelope and dropping it into the Utility Payment drop box in front of the Village Offices entrance. Keys cannot be returned by mail. The responsible person’s deposit will be forfeited if key(s) are not returned and he/she will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the doors.

Animals are not permitted in the Community Center, with the exception of animals trained or being trained to assist persons with disabilities.

The wearing of shirts and shoes is required.

Village Clerk/Treasurer Tel.: 608-735-4341