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Rate Card #1 (1/1/12)
Food Processors & Other Professionals

Area Key:           
                                    Area A        Catering (Including dish washing station)
                                    Area B         Canning
                                    Area C        Baking
                                    Area D        Vegetable Prep
                                    Area E         Packing/filling/bottling 



1-39 hours/month
40 hours or more*
10 p.m. - 5 a.m.*
Occasional Use
Meat Processing
Anchor Tenants

4 linear feet of shelving
$14/hr for A, B&D, C&E, D&E
$12/hr for any of the above
$  8/hr one area, minimum of 4 hours
$15/hr, one area, minimum of 4 hours
$18/hr, daytime only
Negotiated monthly rates


A $100 deposit is required prior to first use to cover costs of
kitchen equipment training and assistance with DATCP, USDA or
Dept. of Health inspection.

    1. Kitchen area combinations apply when multiple processors are at work.
    2. Area combinations can be negotiated, when space is available.
    3. Rental times include clean-up time.
    4. Rentals are payable in advance until credit history is established.
    5. *Indicates advance arrangement/commitment required.

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